Back in April we joined Netflix. This is a company to whom you pay a monthly subscription and via their website maintain a list of DVDs. They mail you the first available title from the list. When you have watched it you return it in the postage paid envelope and they send you the next one. There are plans that allow you to have more than one disc at a time and you can maintain multiple lists.

Their catalogue of titles is substantial. It is not just recent blockbusters and a smattering of other films. There are many foreign language films; I have watched German, Spanish, and Japanese movies. There are many music videos and a significant number of TV shows. I have been using the service to watch the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and have seen the short-lived Firefly.

The service works well, a tribute to the company and to the oft maligned US Postal Service. If I post a disc on my way to work, I get an email early the next day acknowledging receipt and then have the next disc the day after unless one of the three days is a holiday. I posted one disc on the 23rd December, received acknowledgment of receipt on Christmas Eve, and had the disc on Boxing Day.

I have just started to use their Watch Instantly service. This is included in the fixed subscription and allows you to have movies streamed to your PC or compatible TV attached device. (DVD, DVR, or specialist Netflix box) This seems to work well; you watch in a web browser. You have to download Microsoft’s Silverlight, but you can avoid the dreaded IE and use Firefox. The list of movies and shows available to view in this manner is a small percentage of the total, but that still equates to hundreds of titles.

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