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I understand starting a TV show with a recap of events in previous episodes, especially if the events occurred weeks or months ago. I understand showing clips from the next episode at the end of the show. I even see the point of showing clips from the episode at the end of the previous program; an attempt to keep the audience watching.

I do not understand the Battlestar Galactica approach. It opens with a recap of the general situation; man created Cylons, Cylons rebelled, Cylons evolved human looking clones, they have a plan, and then clips form previous stories that are relevant to the current episode. Then there are the first couple of scenes, before the credits. These credits then include teaser clips from the current episode. This seems bizarre; you are already watching the episode and I cannot imagine the excitement of the clips changing your decision to continue to watch.

Original and New Cylon

Original and New Cylon

Evolved Cylon

Evolved Cylon

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  1. I do not understand Battlestar Galactica.

  2. Is the show interesting other than that?

    If I remember correctly (and I can admit to having a poor memory at times), Babylon 5 did something like this as well on occasion. I found this approach somewhat heavy-handed, though it was a good show.

  3. The show is defintely interesting beyond this odd placement of teasers.

    It is a show that has flawed characters, who suffer physically and emotionally through the stories. It does not have an episode reset where events do not have consequences beyond the 45 minutes. It tackles issues such as Right to Choose, torture, the morale justification for acts of terrorism, balancing democratic rights against the expediency in time of war, and the importance of faith. The Cylon enemy are seen by the audience, if not most of the humans, as far more than 2 dimensional villans; it is not always clear that humans are good and Cylons are bad.

    Strongly recommended

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