It is less than week until Christmas and we have some guests coming round for dinner. Among the fare on offer will be the traditional American seasonal drink of eggnog. This is purchased from the diary department of any grocery store and consists of milk, cream, and beaten eggs. I have tried it once; it is not as disgusting as it sounds. It is often served with a substantial slug of brandy, or other hard liquor. I have only heard of this drink from US TV and movies and only seen it in stores here. It may have originated back in England, but it is now most definitely a US drink.

In fact, no one tried the eggnog; the drinking being focused on Grand Hawaiian Screws (Vodka, Grand Marnier, Pineapple, and Orange) , Gin and Tonic (Made with Hendrick’s Gin) and I drunk London Pride.

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  1. The Grand Hawaiian Screws were great – I had four.

    Read into that what you choose.

  2. Brandy seems to make everything taste better – eggnog, fruitcake…

  3. Brandy is also an excellent addition to mulled wine, helps make up for the loss of ethanol caused by eating the wine and takes the rough edge off the cheap wine that should be used for mulling

  4. I wish I had read your comment earlier as we used two bottles of good wine when we could have used the cheap stuff all around.

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