Coffee Cups

In the UK Starbucks Coffee purchased for drinking on the premises is served in ceramic mugs. Here in the US your coffee arrives in paper cups whether or not you get a to go. There can be mo doubt that it is more pleasant to have a mug with a handle. It may be psychological, but the coffee seems to taste better. We are in a Pete’s Coffee in Vacaville and they proper cups. Combined with the smell of fresh roasted beans and classical music it adds to a more enjoyable experience.

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  1. Welcome home! You have been missed.

    The Starbucks closest to our workplace will upon request serve your coffee in a ceramic mug. I do agree it’s as if one is drinking different coffee; I experience the same with home brewed where when drinking from my special mug (a good sized cappucino cup) it seems to taste better than drinking from my plastic commuter cup.

    There is almost nothing more pleasant to me than sitting in (or outside of) a cafe where one is able to experience the lovely smells of coffee while good music plays in the background. Add my husband across the table, a good book in my hand, and my dog napping at my feet and there’s a perfect Saturday afternoon break.

  2. We also serve beer in glasses with a handle.

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