Today is Halloween. We are at home, waiting for darkness to fall and the trick or treaters to arrive at the door. Any moment now the bell will chime and some witch, vampire, or superhero will be there begging for candy. One of my colleagues at work spent much of the day wrapped in toilet paper as the mummy. 




The first few have arrived as I write this. Our first pair must have been five or six, a princess and a vampire.

I picked up additional candy before coming home and whilst in the line to pay I heard a woman say, ” I just need to go and get some blood and make-up” I am glad to say that is not something I hear on a daily basis.

I suppose I should tell a scary story to go along with the spirit of this oddly pagan day of celebration. How about the following:

Cindy wakes up on Wednesday and says to her husband, “Good Morning, Mr President elect.”

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  1. At the office today we also had a swashbuckler, a mail carrier (unarmed), several witches, and a kitty cat. At our remote data center, there were reports of a convict on the loose. I was relieved to learn that the guy with the hairy legs did not dress up like a hooker this year.

    Brit, your story was far too scary and I just know I will be up all night trembling in fear.

  2. What a relief that your McCain story was mere fiction!

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