Life on Mars

I have just watched the first episode of Life on Mars. No, I am not several years behind on my British TV, this was last week’s season premiere of the US version. While the UK often has US shows on mainstream TV, here in the US they prefer to make their own versions.

I never saw the original programme, so I have no point of reference and can only judge this on its own merits. It was a promising start. The central figure is thrown back to 1973 New York, giving him the shock of seeing the Twin Towers intact. Our DVR will continue to record it; hopefully it will not slide into a formula cop show. My verdict for now is that is Hunky Dory.

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  1. Great! It wasn’t some sort of space oddity. So, to celebrate let’s dance. Or are you feeling too low? If so, you can always switch the channel and watch ‘Heroes’.

  2. Oh, I missed it. It looks interesting. I was happy to watch Eli Stone again last night – great show.

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