Columbus Day

My mother told me that Monday is a Bank Holiday in Scotland. She was surprised, as was I. We do not know why it is a holiday in Scotland. It is not one in England. Maybe the Scots are taking on American holidays, for Monday is officially a holiday. It is Columbus Day, or as I prefer to call it Incompetent Explorer’s Day. Columbus set sail believing that he could sail West to India, having under-estimated the circumference of the Earth. He went to his grave oblivious to the fact that he had stumbled across an entire continent. It is ridiculous to describe him as the discoverer of America, as there were already people there to greet him. Mind you, I would not be so bitter if I actually got the day off from work.

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  1. And Leif Eriksson did beat him to the continent with a few hundred years. And he knew immediately that it was a new continent, but lost interest when he wasn’t able to colonize it.

  2. lol…. Brit was grumbling the same thing before writing this post. I guess it just wasn’t funny enough to add.

  3. I think you will find this blog post about Columbus interesting. “The villany of Christopher Columbus”. Did you know he died from syphilis that he had contracted from raping native american women? And his real name was Cristobal Colon.

  4. …and I thought syphilis was an European disease introduced to the Americas by Europeans?

  5. Lets just say… its a long boat ride… and lots of horny men in small spaces???? I doubt Native American women were disease carrying “ho’s” Men on the other hand?????????????

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