Quirks and Addictions

I have been tagged to list my quirks and addictions. This is not easy, as all of my behaviour is perfectly normal; I do it and therefore it is not quirky to me. Some of the behaviour that my wife claims is quirky is obviously not, as my parents do the same thing.

I ask you, the unbiased reader to confirm that the following is all perfectly normal and not all quirky

a) I will not watch drama or movie on TV if I do not catch it from the start.
b) Despite not being a tidy person by nature, I require that toothpaste is squeezed from the bottom of the tune only. This is no longer an issue as our bathroom has two sinks and I have my own perfectly squeezed tube
c) If I am watching TV, that is what I am doing. I don’t read, play with a PC, or talk whilst watching
d) If I have always done something in a particular way, that is the one true way. I not only do not think outside the box, I am oblivious to the existence of the container.
e) I like TV that no one else liked; Firefly, VR5, and Wonderfalls are all in my top ten shows and all were cancelled before their first season was complete.



f) I love Doctor Who, ever since I saw an episode at a friend’s house at the age of six.
g) I am a trivia geek. I know more useless facts about more obscure facts than anyone could need to know, but I don’t know how to use a drill or any other handyman appliance.

Kennedy Wedding

Kennedy Wedding

(Trivia Example: Rose and Joseph Kenneddy share  our wedding anniversary)

See no quirks, so moving along to the second part of the meme; addictions. I will admit to the following addictions

a) Computer games in general, EQ2 in particular
b) I am addicted to doing something. I cannot stand and do nothing. I walk to work listening to podcasts. If I am standing waiting for something to happen, I will be using my iPhone to browse the web, check email, or play a game.
c) My wife’s oatmeal raisin cookies, but in my defense so is everyone (other than Ilegirl who should list this lack of addiction as a quirk)
d) I am addicted to traveling, I like to go places and see the world.

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  1. No, no one would ever think you are quirky. Nor would they think you were pedantic either! Of course THEY don’t have to live with you either! At least you are well trained enough to bring me coffee… Otherwise its off to South aFREAKa for you!

    As for your addictions… yeh I would say that is pretty much it.

    Lets add to the quirks, conveniently forgetting to tell Ilegirl when she is sent in special NON oatmeal raisin cookies or other food items and hoarding them for yourself….. hmmm????

  2. I am not certain whether failing to share the double chocolate chunk cookies with your very nice colleague for whom your lovely wife baked said cookies is a quirk, or just plain mean.

    But since you are like a brother to me, and neither of us is nine years old, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and conclude it’s merely a character flaw.

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