Efficient Food

Why waste time eating three meals a day when a single shake can give you over 100% of your daily nutritional needs in a single glass? Baskin-Robbins sells a large shake with 166% of your daily fat needs, 320% of that extra good saturated fat, 98% of your Cholesterol needs, and 120% of your calcium; helping to strengthen your bones to support your growing stomach. Each shake has 2310 calories, offering a helpful bonus over the basic 2000 calories that a typical adult needs on a daily basis. 


Drink One Per Day

Drink One Per Day



There is obviously no immediate risk of the US slipping from its world leading position in the obesity league.

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  1. That’s sobering and really, truly disgusting!

    In contrast, a grande cafe latte from S’bucks has only 190 calories – not exactly skinny, but less than 1/10 of the above – AND has the added benefit of caffeine which, as we all know, is a health food because it is made from a vegetable.

  2. “Each shake has 2310 calories” please tell me I need to go to the optometrist, please

  3. […] Apologies for the latest of the hour, the delay was due to many adventures by a wondering insanity lost.  The excitement of today put me to sleep in order for it to come sooner. See I went to the post office today to get my birthday presents and other things from AMERICA!!! Whoohooo I told the lady at the counter that they were my presents she just started giggling, well I am a child with some things and my excitement was apparently obvious *shrug*.  She turned to me and said “Well now you must be be very loved and in their hearts”, it kind of blew me away.  For the record cookies are the Efficient Food! […]

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