Doctor, Doctor

This week so my first visit to a US doctor and dentist. The doctor’s surgery was very much like one in the UK. Despite having the first appointment of the day, I was ushered in after the arranged time. The waiting room and doctor’s surgery were full of posters that make the place a hypochondriacs paradise; offering countless new symptoms and diseases to try. The doctor was, accent aside, an almost perfect replica of an English country GP; well spoken and jovial. The one very noticeable difference was being asked for the $25 copay by the receptionist when I arrived.

The dentist’s office was very smart, the waiting room reminiscent of an upmarket boutique hotel. The dentist’s chair has a built in back massager; very relaxing. In the UK I recall having three of four x-rays taken at a time; here it felt that they were taking one for each tooth. It was odd when the dental technician asked me to smile for the x-ray. Since in the UK I did not have an NHS dentist, I found paying after treatment perfectly normal. With my medical insurance picking up 80% of the cost, the bill seemed more than reasonable.

The title of this post inspired by the news that Simon Pegg will play one of the Thompson Twins in a forthcoming movie.

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  1. Ok Doctor, Doctor. Pass this on to Amber:

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