Medical Matters

Over a year after getting medical insurance through my job, I finally registered with a doctor and dentist. Almost the first thing that I was asked when ringing to make an initial appointment was did I have insurance. I have the appointments next week. The dentist is very conveniently located; I walk past the building on the way to and from work. The Doctor is about three miles down the freeway.

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  1. Is it different in the UK – the doctor’s office doesn’t ask whether you have insurance?

    I forgot to get you the name of my dentist, but you found someone closer to home anyhow. If you don’t like him/her, my dentist is still only 5 miles down the road from you and he’s a terrific guy – not at all like the one from Little Shop of Horrors.

  2. In the UK the Doctor does not need to ask, as you are covered by the NHS.

  3. Isn’t there private medical insurance as well? I thought I had heard that some people have such private coverage.

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