No Outlook from Vera Cruz

We continued to look for a car for my wife. We continued to meet that slimy form of life known as car salesman. The only exceptions were both at Toyota dealerships. One of them was an older lady that reminded us of my wife’s Aunty Lou; reminded us in a good way she did not swear like a sailor.

Although we reached no decision, several dealerships were so bad that we shall not return and several vehicles had seats that were not comfortable, so we are approaching the goal by elimination.

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  1. “We continued to meet that slimy form of life known as car salesman.” This made me think of the car salesman in the movie True Lies. Speaking of cars, oddly enough General Motors recently started making good cars that get good mileage. Many people have been overlooking them (and no, I’m not a slimy GM cars salesman).

  2. We did look at a couple of GM vehicles, but these both suffered from the uncomfortable passenger seats. This was unfortunate, as the vehicle drove well and the mileage was acceptable.

  3. I drive a PT Cruiser (with the Woody look) and really like it even though my friends call me a soccer mom (I don’t like soccer and I’m not a mom – and won’t be since I’m not a woman). Anyway, it corners well, get decent mileage, and is comfortable.

  4. lol

    Donstuff you are too much.. I can imagine a walrus running around in a PT Cruiser now.. too funny.

    How come people don’t make comfortable seats? waaaaaaah!

  5. Well… I don’t have the whiskers and I can’t have a phone to my ear while I drive anymore… The Walrus is actually my nod to the Beatles (I am the Walrus).
    Actually, I’m more tall than wide (I’m 6’7″), but PT Cruisers have a ton of room and the seats seem comfortable to me (and my commute is about an hour fifteen each way).
    BTW… How did I find my way into the middle of this family from two different directions? I have both of you on my blogroll. Is Sanity Found related to you in some way?
    The Blogosphere condensed – weird.

  6. ISF – isnt related by blood but by heart… she is involved with our r/l best friend in England. Plus she’s been adopted by us as family.

    There is a whole bunch of “us” online who are sort of a group. Don’t know how that all happened, but we are of similar mindsets and tastes. So we read each other’s blogs and many of us comment. I guess you can call us incestuous.

  7. Try a Honda; change the oil and keep the tires inflated and they will give you about 200,000 miles without either you or the car breaking a sweat. Free info for you, now go cry about how Americans suck so badly. You seem to need an attitude change.

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