Guilty Pleasures

I have been tagged to list some guilty pleasures by Ammonyte:

1) Abba

2) McDonalds Quarter Pounder and Double Cheeseburger

3) Top Gear

4) You Got Mail

5) The Human League

I suspect lots of Brits would have Abba on their list; the Box Office takings for Mamma Mia seems to reinforce that suspicion

Every now and again I get an odd craving for Mickey D’s burgers; which is especially odd given the range of quality fast food and casual dining options that we have in the area.

I am not your typical “bloke”, but I cannot resist the lure of the fast cars, bizarre challenges, and testosterone that makes  Top Gear such compelling viewing.

It is clearly not cool to have a chick-flick which you feel compelled to watch whenever it comes on TV. In my defense, the movie came out early in the relationship with my wife; who I met via the net. It also has a fascinating subplot about big chain business versus the family owned local shops.

In my defense, it is their pre-split, pre-commercial success albums (Reproduction and Travelogue) that I prefer, but I do not think that The Human League count as cool by any known measure.

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  1. I think that for Englishmen of a certain age, the attraction of ABBA may have something to do with Agnetha and Frida

  2. Very brave of you – particularly The Human League. Shudder!

    Isn’t Top Gear cool, though? It’s all about cars,isn’t it – a macho guy thing with some slight geek factor to keep it from being too testosterony.

  3. ABBA? Thanks.
    I was just able to get their “catchy” songs out of my head after reading another post about ABBA, and now… “they’re back.” Aarrrgggg.
    Take a chance on me… (There it goes again).

  4. Will they ever tell us who Stig is?

  5. Some of us know who the Stig is 😉

  6. The Stig speaks:

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