Outdoor waterparks are not something that I recall seeing in the UK; the climate providing an explanation for their absence. I do not imagine that standing soaking wet in queues, wearing just a bathing costume, would work on a bracing day in Skegness. The only waterparks I have visited have been in Southern Europe or here in the US.

Today, I went to one for the first time since I moved to California. Waterworld in Concord is less than thirty minutes drive. Last summer I did not get myself organized, but this year I decided to take a long weekend and go. I took my wife to see James Taylor on Sunday, so to avoid starting the week tired after a late night, I decided that this was the weekend that I would extend.

The park was of a similar scale to those in the Algarve that gave me my first taste for being hurled down fiberglass tubes in a rush of water. The rides were, in the main, distinctly different from the ones that I had encountered before. Most of them used some form of inner-tube and were set up for multiple riders.

Waterworld, Concord

Waterworld, Concord

The park had lockers, which sensibly did not rely on a key which you then have to take with you and avoid losing on the rides. Instead, you inserted cash into a machine which asked you to enter and confirm a combination. It then printed out a receipt with the number of the locker, which was now configured with your combination.

The staff at the bottom of the ride used a distinctly low-tech way to signal to those at the top when it was safe to let the next person down. They held a red plastic drinks tray aloft until the ride was clear.

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  1. You looked like you had a great time 🙂

  2. My husband reported that a good time was had by all … until he lost his housekeys.

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