Starbucks Closures

Ilegirl recently went to Europe and the resulting shock to Starbucks’ revenue caused them to announce the closure of 600 stores in the US on the Monday after her departure. There is now a list of the stores that shall be closing. There are eighty-eight in California, but since there are over 3,000 Strabucks in the state the number represents less than 3.5% of the total in the state. None of the ten in Fairfield are closing.

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  1. That is just wrong how can they close heavens doors like that???

  2. I did hear that to her shame there are 2 closing in her hometown. Obviously she isn’t spending enough time there….

  3. Perhaps I ought to cut back my work hours so that I can give more time to the local Starbucks, and less at the Fairfield stores.

  4. well thats the plan… cutting back on working a million hours a week and having a personal life right?

  5. Personal life? I thought I was just a bigamist, married to both a man and a company.

  6. […] each day to believing that the world isn’t such a bad place even though I haven’t had a Starbucks in almost a year! Remember Everybody hurts but when you are open to having friends, when you are open to receiving […]

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