When I was shopping for our television set, I needed to buy an HDMI cable to connect the DVD player. In the store from which I bought the set, I saw a cable made by Monster and it was over $100. I bought a functionally identical cable from another store for about $10.

Why are Monster cables so ridiculously expensive? Maybe it is because they need all of that extra money to fund their stupid copyright infringement cases against any product that uses the word Monster. Monster had started a case against a company that used the name Monster for their deer bait. I can understand companies taking action if a competitor makes a similar product, but even the most inbreed red neck should be able to figure that his left-over deer bait is not a great way to connect AV equipment.

Monster Cables have a reputation for this sort of clearly spurious legal action, having preciously gone after a clothing company called Monster Vintage. I guess some companies like to sponsor the arts or sports; Monster Cable like to sponsor the legal profession.

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  1. You sure they aren’t just suffering from “short cable syndrome”?

  2. have they gone after monster jobs yet? I think that has been around far longer. Maybe we should fund Monster Jobs for a frivolous lawsuit for copyright name infringements…. what do you think?

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