No Witches in Norfolk

In the UK, sports commentators make an effort to find the correct pronunciation of foreign names. That does not seem to the case here in the US. I was watching HDNET coverage of the San Jose Earthquakes at Toronto; Darren Huckerby’s debut. On a couple of occasions the commentator referred to his previous club and pronounced the W in Norwich. The W is silent in Norwich.

The game was a nil-nil draw, or zero-zero tie in US parlance. It was not a great advertisement for the football played in MLS. Huckerby played for a little over an hour, made a few dangerous looking runs, won a couple of free-kicks, and had a couple of appeals for fouls declined. Given his lack of match fitness, this was a fairly impressive debut.

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  1. If there were any witches in Norfolk, you might have a better chance of winning a game now and then wouldn’t ya!

  2. If it is to be pronounced NORITCH then why not spell it NORITCH?

    German must be a far simpler language for those who do not speak English from birth, as with that language one generally pronounces all of the letters.

  3. Because words are not pronounced as they are spelt…
    otherwise we would have the San Jo-sea ear-th-qu-akes and not the San hoe-say erf-kwakes.
    English is not a lanuage of logic, it is one of emotion, passion, and artistry.

  4. No witches in Norwich, but there will be a demon in Southwold, when Gordon Brown goes there for his summer holiday!

  5. Well, San Jose is actually Spanish. But I don’t wish to quibble.

    OK, I think I am now charmed into thinking that English is the language of creative souls.

    What’s the language for geeks?

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