Fourth of July Quiz

This is an interesting quiz and appropriate for today, the fourth of July. Most of the questions are from the citizenship quiz, so all Americans should know the answer. There are ten questions that are trickier. I got all of the basic twenty correct and most of the remaining ten correct, but there were three that caught me off guard – one of which I feel I should have known.

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  1. Hmph I am now a stupeed American-African but alas second time round got high marks sir – perhaps too early in the day for me!

  2. […] SanityFound’s Rambling’s …thought’s by a rambling soul… « Short Mini’s and buses I am now officially an American-African July 4, 2008 At first I was scared, then I was petrified, horrified then I scored a lousy 12 in Brit’s Fourth of July Quiz.  […]

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