Enduring Legacy

In the US there is a tendency to name places after people. In California we have airports named after Bob Hope, John Wayne, and Charles Schulz. Assorted free way intersections and bridges get named after law enforcement officers, and plenty of parks bear the name of a local personality. Even so, I was surprised to learn that a group of San Francisco residents have enough signatures to put a measure on the November ballot to name part of that city in honour of the current president. California as a whole and San Francisco in particular is not known for being rabidly pro-Bush. One of the drawbacks to carrying out such an exercise in San Francisco is that the city is relatively small and well established; most of the obvious landmarks are already named. In fact it seems that there is only one place unnamed, how else could you explain that the public facility chosen to bear the name of the president is the George W Bush Sewage Plant.

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  1. Im sure we could add to the list: An industrial waste plant, A home for the mentally insane and disturbed, A school for the mentally challenged, and a cemetery for all of our troops who have died from his stupid ass war.

  2. LOL! So perfect.

  3. I assume it will be twinned with the Tony Blair Recycling and Composting facility in Grantham?

  4. […] This week at least was about sharing, or rather making moi not feel so alone in my insanity. Abroad had a major problem with a restaurant, far worse than mine. How she controlled herself I really don’t know, I literally would’ve blown a couple of fuses (if not a thousand). Perhaps they should just rename the restaurant much like this Enduring Legacy… […]

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