Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

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1) My Grandfather won the Croix de Guerre with palm for an act of bravery in the First World War.
2) I met Stalin’s daughter
3) I was in the team that was series champions of a UK TV game show. I used the winnings to partially pay for the holiday that brought me to the US to meet my now wife.
4) I presented a radio show at University called “The Scream of the Butterfly”. On one of the shows that coincided with Jim Morrison’s 40th birthday, I played two hours in which every record was by the Doors, with one exception: a cover of Riders of the Storm
5) I have deliberately swam in industrial waste
6) I have been in two bands, although I have zero music talent.
7) I worked as a teacher in Portugal for two and a half years
8) I attended the same University as the president of South Africa, Billy Idol, and the last English person to win Wimbledon
9) I was twenty five before I passed my driving test
10) I founded and edited a school newspaper in Primary school, founded and edited a newspaper in middle school, and founded and edited a house magazine in high school.

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  1. Lazy tagging??? I think that comment I will allow to pass due to the fact that I am in shock.

    Did you make a mistake by saying “the” president of South Africa? You didn’t mean to say “A”?

  2. Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki is the current president of the Republic, so I did use the definite article on purpose.

  3. When did you swim in industrial waste, and to what end?

  4. Have you met Stalin’s daughter? Really? Where? How come you never told me.

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