My company’s offices are fairly new, built just four or five years ago. The building covers three storeys and about three hundred people work there. There are a couple of features that you would expect to see in a modern UK office that are missing.

The car park is large, with space at the front, rear, and sides for vehicles. There is no provision, however, for bicycles. There is not a single bicycle rack. No one cycles to work, but is that because there is no provision for bicycles? With petrol prices rising inexorably towards $5 people are beginning to re-examine their journey to work and there are certainly plenty of people who live close enough to the office for cycling to be an option.

The other missing facilities are showers. The office in which I worked in the UK had showers that allowed one to freshen up if you cycled to work or exercised at lunchtime. There are several colleagues who go hiking at lunchtime, which in the California heat does work up a sweat. The absence of showers means that it one should ideally schedule meetings with them before lunch.

I don’t cycle to work and doubt that even the provision of the aforementioned facilities would encourage me. Frankly, it is quicker for me to walk to the office and this also allows me to listen to podcasts on the way to and thro.

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  1. We need to address this deficiency. Every building with more than 100 employees ought to offer bike lockers. It’s an appalling oversight considering the number of people who live within cycling distance from the office.

    As for showers, the CIO campaigned hard for them but was unfortunately hissed back. It seems the executive management committee members (of whom the vast majority live within cycling distance of the office!) were rather myopic about the type of loyalty such small measures can inspire.

    What a shame! Still, it’s not too late to have this problem remedied.

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