Plastic Food

Some products are obviously brilliant from the first moment that you see them, others take time for the brilliance to become apparent, some never really succeed, and then are those that time reveals were fatally flawed. Now I bring you a product so dumb it makes New Coke seem like a smart idea. Kellogg’s new fruit flavoured snack that is shaped like Lego bricks. Who could possibly think that making food that is shaped like plastic toys is a good idea? What product development team thinks that encouraging young kids to swallow something on which they could choke is the way forward? Lego shaped snacks are an accident, and this being the US, a law suit waiting to happen.

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  1. Oh that is just so wrong and vile on many levels!

  2. Oh wows I can’t wait for this to be launched in SA, can just see it now…

    “Rising house prices getting you down? Can’t find a house to fit your style? Want to build a toilet? A shower? … Finally a solution to suit your taste buds and style… All it takes is four boxes of Kellogg’s Lego Stack to build the house of your dreams. Be empowered, be Kellogg’s Small print: 1) Please note that this offer is excluding roof. 2) For one colour housing more boxes may be required. 3) We do not take responsibility for Hansel or Gretel”

    Oh yeah this is going to be a hit! … we don’t sue we get even 😉

  3. lol – what a great take on the product, ISF!

  4. ISF – now I really am rofl!!!

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