Not the best Monday Ever

I have had better starts to a week than the 2:50am call on Monday. A hardware failure had forced my company to switch to their backup database server. The timing put it right in the middle of the UK day, so there was quite a lot of work to do; never easy under time pressure and doubly difficult when one is mostly asleep. I got back to bed a little before 5:30am, which gave me a couple of hours of rest. The only plus side was that I was moving to a different office, in the same building, so the fact that I felt like a zombie was not as great a drawback as it would be on a regular day.

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  1. Only 5.30? 🙂 When I had to rebuild an email server I got to bed at 7 AM, couldn’t sleep and was back in the office at midday. %-)

  2. You think that’s bad?

    I had to walk to school barefoot, in the snow, 11 miles, uphill both ways.


  3. Yes, I agree it was not the best Monday of all times. But it was heartening to find that nearly everyone did very well considering the ungodly hour, minimizing down time, and still managed to arrive at the office in good time.

  4. Good thing I was up to take the call huh?

  5. @ Ammo and Ilegal – you think that was bad? I had to blog all night, chat all day, and then just get to sleep on the couch only to be woken by HIS bloody phone!

  6. Yes, Amber – thanks!!

    OK, you win …

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