Weekend DIY

I have made two more posts this weekend about eating. I wonder if my readers assume that I am interested only in food; this is not the case, I enjoy drinking too. I do feel to correct the impression that I may have given of a weekend that involved nothing other than culinary pursuits I should mention that I built a patio heater.

Putting together such an item might not seem a noteworthy achievement, but is because you are probably a practical person with positive common sense. If you look up cack-handed in the dictionary you will see a picture of me. Let me give you an example: I once put up a spice rack; it was not at 45 degrees to the horizontal and to this day I will argue that it was closer to 90 degrees than 45. However, I accept the fact that I had to demonstrate this to unbelievers did mean that it was not as straight as it could have been.

On Saturday night we used the patio heater and no one died from gas inhalation, no one was burnt to a cinder by flames that erupted from the sides, it did the warming thing and nothing has fallen off it. I am slightly proud and very, very surprised.

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  1. rofl I have this funny picture in my head now and I can’t stop laughing… Mr Gadget meets food connoisseur who sips a fine red, superman meets Dr Who! It is a mean feat that you accomplished there young sire, am finding myself quite proud to. Tell me, how did you cope with the British flat packs? They destroyed my sense of motor skills!

  2. I avoided British flat packs after one attempt; I had much more positive experiences with Swedish self-assembly furniture. I put together several book shelves, which is as easy as furniture gets. Granted, I needed some initial guidance from my wife.

  3. Yes, but how often have you had to reboot the heater? 🙂

  4. I will let you into a little secret, in SA flat packs are banned, they tried it once and no one bought into it for obvious reasons. Firstly the obvious one of it taking jobs away; and secondly for the fact that it is too much hassle trying to work out instructions that tell you to build a gazebo when you bought a chair…

  5. Bravo! I can attest to the thing working as intended, and further swear that none of the participants sustained injuries, nor did any develope strange hives requiring trips to Trauma Centers.

    The margaritas and chocolate-covered strawberries were, on the other hand, quite damaging (in the best sense of the word)!

  6. Funnily enough, in California you need patio heaters in the evening, whereas at the same moment in the UK we’re using technologyâ„¢ to have ice in our rums out in the wilds of the highlands…

  7. There are companies that will supply a “man who can” who will turn up with a philips-head screw driver and an allen key, to construct the flat-pack that you purchased, but were unable to assemble.

    What is a patio heater called in the Scottish Highlands? A midge barbecue.

    Californians need patio heaters?! Are they the same Californians who are worried about global warming? There are proposals to ban the sale of the things here in the UK. (This will have the added benefit that all the smokers sitting outside Pubs in the UK winter will die.)

  8. […] Public Announcement: Brit in California is not addicted to food here is his proclamation! […]

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