Passing of a Mall Icon

Here in the US every city with seems to have the same stores in their malls; making them a soulless place. If I was visiting a clone mall, there were two stores in which I could seek refuge; a bookstore or Sharper Image. This latter store sold wondrous gadgets that appealed to my inner geek, although never quite enough to encourage me to buy any. The stores were always busy, but I suspect that many of the people were, like me, browsing and not buying. Sharper Image moved into Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection several months ago and on Monday announced that they were closing all of their stores. America’s malls will be a duller place.

We do own one piece of Sharper Image gadgetry, an exception to the general principle of cool but not really that useful. Ilegirl bought us as a house warming present a pair of outdoor speakers for our patio. The input for the speakers connects wirelessly so you can connect a hi-fi, or iPod to the wireless base inside the house while listening outside. This is especially useful as our grill station has mains power; so we can listen to The Eagles while we sit in the warm California sun.

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  1. Poor honey – will have to visit malls that have the other gadget store in Brookstone.

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