Movie Shorts

We went to the cinema on Saturday to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Since we went to a matinee, the tickets were just $7.00. This seems like good value, but what made it truly outstanding was that we not only got to see Harrison Ford back as the fedora wearing archeology professor, but several other films.

No, this was not a return to the double features that I recall from my childhood, but the habit of putting a summary of the entire film into the trailer. In the case of comedies they also include every joke, so when you get to see the film all that is new is the padding between the all too familiar laughs. A trailer should pique the interest and not represent a visual equivalent of Cliffs Notes.

One of the most poorly judged examples of the very joke from the film model was for “Stranger Than Fiction”, which was not the zany Will Ferrell comedy that one was led to believe, but a far better and more involved piece of celluloid. However, those that went to see more of the same gags in the trailer may well have been disappointed by the far dryer tone of the complete piece.

Below is a thirty year old example of a trailer that captures the atmosphere of the film, but gives away nothing. If it was made today, I am sure it would include the stomach scene and several close-ups of the alien; just as Children of Men had its own key stomach moment included in the trailer.

An excellent summary of the modern movie trailer is contained in the trailer for the movie adaptation of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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  1. …and both trailers made for British films 🙂

  2. But is Indy worth going to see? I’ve heard mixed reviews, ranging from “it’s terrible” to “it’s REALLY terrible”. Something about (**spoiler alert**) nuke-proof fridges?

  3. The review I read was “it’s not as good as it should have been”. I’ll have to find out what Mr Kermode has to say about it.

  4. I think not as good as it should have been is spot on. It is diverting and far from the worst action movie of recent years (Pirates of the Carribean:At Worlds End I am looking at you), but it lacks the wow feeling of the original.

    There is the worst stuntman wig since someone who was not Pertwee in 1970s.

    The fridge is leadlined, hence being nuke proof. If that bothers you then you will find the movie a struggle, there are many even less plausible moments

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