Prime Rib

I went out for a meal after work today with several colleagues, including a couple who were visiting from the UK. The restaurant at which we ate specializes in Prime Rib. This is a cut of beef that I have never seen in the UK. It is served as a very thick slice of roast beef cut, as the name suggests from the rib. It does seem odd that when beef is served so often in both countries that there should be a cut that is unique to the US.

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  1. Did you go to House of Prime Rib in San Francisco? If not, it’s worth checking out. I always get the ‘English Cut’, which is thinner slices; the big gob of cow is just too much for me. Yummy Yorkshire Pudding and Creamed Spinach.

  2. Very nice it is too. An (quite posh) ex a few years back bought a Christmas prime rib from the (quite posh) local butchers. The horrific cost of the cut (probably as much as the cow cost at auction) was easily offset by the juicy and delicious taste.

  3. Hmmm, I checked with my neighbour Vernon, a butcher of the old school, who confirmed that he had served prime rib all his working life. Maybe it is just seen as too extravagant in the UK, especially for those of us with parents who grew up under rationing in WWII and passed on their thrifty habits?

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