You Have Mail

AT&T provide us with our Internet connectivity and it would seem the additional service of filling our mailbox with mail. We have been in the house less than a month and we have had at least eight pieces of mail from AT&T.

This is a typical example:

I am not sure whether I authorized the action or not… since the letter fails to specify an action. Based on this letter, I think that AT&T are an organization that need help with their own communications before offering to help their customers.

I have signed up for paperless bills, but that does seem to prevent them sending the following bill, which is clearly going to cost them more to mail than they will get in return.

It almost makes me feel nostalgic for BT (British Telecom).

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  1. But honey, what would you have to be aggrivated with if you didn’t have all of this fun and games to deal with??? I mean… where is the fun in getting the right billing and stuff?

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