Superman Rings the Doorbell

Trick or Treat is far more popular here in the US than in the UK. Until yesterday, however, I had not realized that this popularity meant that the trick or treating could start earlier than the last day of October: seven months earlier.

We had the first trick or treater ring our doorbell yesterday; a five year old girl dressed as superman. Before you jump to conclusions about greedy American kids on the hunt for candy, I should explain some background. Due to an error by one of work colleagues I worked until nine at night on Halloween last year and missed trick or treat. Our new home is just round the corner from this colleague. She borrowed a friend’s daughter, dressed her up and brought her round. A mix of April Fool’s joke and make-up for missing Trick or Treat; funny and delightful in equal measure.

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  1. You Ninny! She was SuperGirl! And she was six! Sheesh! She was sooooo cute!

  2. […] education. Here in the US children “graduate” at the end of their time at each school. The previously mentioned six year old trick or treater just graduated for the second time in her life as she finished […]

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