March Madness and Quantum Sanity

I have mentioned before in my blog about the coverage afforded to college sports here in the US. I do not follow any of the college sports, even during last Month when the hugely hyped March Madness took place. This is a single elimination basketball tournament which seems to enthrall the nation, even those who do not care much for basketball. It offers an opportunity for complicated office sweepstakes.

If I were to develop an interest in basketball and college sports, I have found a team that I could support – although they are not likely to feature in March Madness. They are perfect as they are based here in California and they do not expect to win championships regularly. In fact they do not expect to win games regularly, just two conference games in 35 years. They are on a 240 game losing streak, that stretches back over two decades. They are the California Institute of Technology basketball team, a college far more focused on academic pursuits than sporting achievements.

Just to prove that underdog stories are popular the world over, this amazing lack of achievement is the subject of a movie, Quantum Hoops.

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  1. geek basketball….. Im sure the pocket protectors get in the way!

  2. As I now have a team of five developers, I now have enough for a team (sans benchwarmers). I wonder if we could take those Cal Tech geek-jocks?

    We ought to do an office pool …

  3. I usually get a Quantum of Solace from pointing out that baseball was invented by medieval monks who would strike a ball before attempting to run around the cloisters at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. (The @mmonyte ducks and covers)

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