The Return of the Postbox

After a year of having to go to the end of the street to collect our mail from a rack of mailboxes, our new house comes with its own box. Unlike those in the UK, it is not a slot in the door, but a metal box out front. Hopefully, I shall not forget to check the mail as often as I did with the last arrangement.

One definite advantage of this arrangement is that there is a red metal flag on the side of the box. We can put outgoing mail into our box, raise the flag, and when the mail is delivered, the postman can collect the outgoing mail. This does help explain why publicly accessible mailboxes are so much rarer a sight than in the UK.

Although, we have been in the house less than a week, we are already getting junk mail delivered here. Since most of our bills are handled online, the percentage of useful mail is very low.

Published in: on 26 March, 2008 at 20:50  Comments (2)  

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  1. It must be handy to know when there is something worth stealing in your mailbox.

  2. Hmmm where I come from even the junk mail is stolen which is a blessing but I like the sound of this easy living, our closest postbox/office is 4km away and even then you need to pay to have it delivered there… think its time I organise some relocation lol

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