Opening Doors

It is a rare day indeed that I feel my essential geekiness is challenged. Yesterday, however, I had to hang my head in shame as I was out geeked by our estate agent.

When we rented the house that we are now vacating we were given two remote openers for the garage door; one for each car. Now back in the UK, most garage doors require the driver to get out of the car and open them. Here, in the US they are all motor operated and can be opened from within the vehicle.

I was discussing collecting the keys to our new home and expressed disappointment that there was but a single garage door opener. Our estate agent then told me that my car had a built in remote for opening garage doors or gates (if we lived in a gated community). The function is operated by three buttons on the underside of the rear-view mirror. I had noticed these buttons, but never investigated their function.

Obviously, as a super geek, I shall have to use the car’s inbuilt functionality and no longer clip the remote to the sun visor. I shall also have to do something massively geeky to make up for this lapse.

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  1. So can you drive into any Garage or gated community, or do you have to program the device in some way? If the former, a life of crime may be a possible career option.

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