Loving the Boss

I am not a Bruce Springsteen fan. I am sure I am not alone in finding his singing voice to be that grates. I do recognize, however, that he has many dedicated fans. I am glad that I do not know one as obsessed as Karen Lee Copper, who killed her partner over their differing views of Bruce’s talents. She is quoted as saying “I mean, who the hell doesn’t like Bruce Springsteen, for God’s sake?” I think when asked that question by a knife wielding woman, I might decide that breaching the ninth commandment was justified.

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  1. Honey….. how could you NOT love the Boss..*eyeing the kitchen knives..Besides the song *Im on fire* gets me hot! Maybe you should rethink your stance on the subject?

  2. My hairdresser has just had a very blond moment, involving The Boss. She bought some tickets for his up-coming UK tour as a wedding present for her partner, then managed to find a fantastic hotel in Manchester to spend the night in. When the tickets arrived, she realised she had booked for the concert in Cardiff. All the hotels in Cardiff are now sold out.

    She didn’t respond well to my suggestion that she could also visit the Dr Who and Torchwood locations in Cardiff.

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