Armed and Ready for their Afternoon Nap

There are times when I realize that I have not fully adjusted to the American mindset. If I had been asked to draft laws to help prevent future school shootings like the recent tragedies in Illinois and Virginia, I would not have seen allowing more guns onto campus as the solution. However, in Arizona, the judiciary committee passed a proposed law that would allow college pupils over the age of 21 to carry guns on campus. The lawmaker who proposed this was forced to compromise; her original proposal would have allowed pupils from Kindergarten up to be armed in school. “I feel like our kindergartners are sitting there like sitting ducks,” she said after making the amendment. After all nothing says security like a room full of four-year olds packing heat.

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  1. According to the CDC, 6% of the deaths in the 5-to-14 years age group are attributable to homicide.

    42% die from accidents – most of which are motor vehicle accidents.

    Must applaud the Arizona lawmakers for their creative misuse of funds in discussing then passing this law. God forbid they do something that might actually result in a significant reduction in child mortality rates.

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