Presidents Day

Today was Presidents’ Day, the third public holiday of the year in the US and the second one that my employer does not honour by closing. How should one mark this holiday which is timed to coincide with the birthday of George Washington? My wife buys me a presidential book, this year a book on Franklin Pierce’s role during the Civil War.

For those who feel that reading books on long dead politicians is not especially celebratory, let me recommend that you partake of a glass or two of Whiskey. This is a highly relevant way to celebrate the day, as by his death George Washington was one of the country’s largest distiller, producing 11,000 gallons a year.

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  1. I will drink to that.


  2. Ran across an interesting blog today …

    Thought you might enjoy.

  3. Another link found for you – this one a post reviewing two books on Teddy Roosevelt. You probably have one or both of them already. In which case, all the more reason to check out the post to see whether you agree –

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