Here in the US, cable TV is far more prevalent than back in the UK; where Murdoch owned SKY is the only premium option available in most of the country. Aside from not having to line the pocket of that deplorable individual, there are several advantages to cable. The picture does not deteriorate when it rains heavily, you get good quality Internet connection over the cable, and finally we have the joys of On-Demand.

On-Demand does exactly what the name implies. You turn on the TV, select a program from the On-Demand menu and it starts immediately. You can pause, rewind, fast forward the show, as though it was on tape or DVD. There are two types of On-Demand show, pay movies and free content. The free content is extensive, including several hundred movies, selected shows from the various networks, and all of the content from any premium channel to which you subscribe.

We have an HBO subscription, so in addition to their movie line-up, we can watch Bill Maher at will. My friend Retire also put me onto the delightfully quirky Flight of the Conchords, a mix of sitcom and music. The availability of BBC America has allowed me to catch up with the Top Gear shows that have aired since I left the UK, including Captain Slow taking the Bugatti Veyron all the way to its 254mph top speed and their drive through the Southern US. I can also use the service to watch episodes of Season Two of Torchwood which started to air on Saturday.

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