Back to the Slopes

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the first time that I have skied in five years and the first time in eight years that I have skied for more than a day. It is strange that I remember the effects of skiing to be somewhat less than they feel now; it is almost as though I am nearly a decade older than when I last skied.

Skiing is a but like riding a bike, you do not seem to forget how to do it. I had a couple of small falls on the first day, both on the last run when I was tired and none at all on the second day.

The most obvious difference between being a skier here and back in the UK is the ease of getting to the slopes. We went for a weekend, but it is possible to go up for just the day, as there are several resorts that are within a three hour drive.

American resorts use chair lifts on all but beginner slopes; which after assorted accidents on T-bars in Europe is most welcome. I did notice that a lot of people were wearing helmets on the slopes. Since it is ten years since I last skied in Europe, I am not sure if that is a difference between the two continents or just a change over time.

There were five of us going up for the weekend, so we rented an SUV with four-wheel drive. Up in the mountains, unsurprisingly, there is a far higher percentage of SUVs than I am used to seeing; almost as many as you would see collecting kids from a school in Chelsea.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good time! This is yet another great reason to live in the Bay Area: proximity to lots of amusements.

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