Halloween Part I

Halloween is a big deal here in the US. On my way to work I pass a shop that opened lat month, it is called Halloween world and sells everything you can imagine for decorating and dressing for the occasion. Last weekend as we drove up through Napa valley we passed a home where the entire front yard was full of zombie statues. Below is a picture of part of a display outside an arcade of shops elsewhere in the area.

Pumpkin Head

In the UK offices are decorated for Christmas, but here it seems Halloween is used as an excuse to cover cubicles in stuff. Garlands of autumn leaves and pumpkins are all over and one of my colleagues made skeletons from large plastic milk containers. One of these ended up at my desk when I made the mistake of leaving my office door open whilst I had a day of vacation.

Lucy The Skeleton

I missed Halloween night last year, as it coincided with a trip back to the UK. I shall report on my first Trick and Treating in a few weeks.

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  1. Trick or Treating is the reason that some Americans want the right to bear arms (and use them). I’d suggest an Uzi, unless that lilly-livered liberal Schwarzenegger has banned them all in California.

  2. That is the Halloween equivalent of “Bah Humbug”.

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