Stanley Goes West

I have just watched game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Ice Hockey’s season finale in North America. The Anaheim Ducks won their decisive fourth game of the series 6-2 and became the first team from California, in fact the first team from the West Coast to win the trophy.

The Ducks are a fairly new franchise and probably only major sports team to be based on a movie. They were created in 1993 by the Walt Disney Company as “The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim” and were named for The Mighty Ducks, a Disney film about a group of kids who played Ice Hockey. At the start of 2006, the “Mighty” was dropped from their name.

Looking up the history of The Stanley Cup, I found an American world view which sees nothing beyond these shores. The official website of the NHL (National Hockey League) claims that the trophy is the oldest in professional sport. It dates back to 1892, but the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup dates back to 1885 predating it by seven years. (The FA Cup is an older competition than either but the current trophy dates to 1992)

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  1. Actually the Scots can push winning trophies back to 1667, before the US even existed!!

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