Reverse Shock

Recently, I returned to the UK on a business trip with several people from my new firm. This blog has focused on the culture shock I have experienced as a Brit in California. However, the shock can be just as extreme in the other direction.

Here in the US soft drinks will generally be topped up as many times as you wish – often without even needing to ask. My colleagues were surprised that after drinking three diet cokes they were charged for three cokes. This reinforced the US idea that things are expensive in the UK, an idea briefly lifted by seeing sub £1 petrol, until I pointed out this was for a litre.

I have been reminded by the horn of a car behind that you can turn through a red light in the US. Our company president was alerted by a yelp from yours truly that turning left on a red in the middle of London was not the way things were done in the UK.

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Long Time No Post

Not sure why I have not posted for a while, I certainly have noticed plenty of things worthy of note, but somehow that has not translated into action. I hope to return to more frequent posting.

Now totally of topic, but I came across this website via a blog and it amuses me and may appeal to anyone with a knowledge of Ven diagrams 

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Driving School

Once sight common in the UK, but rarely seen here in the US are Driving School cars. Apparently, most Americans learn to drive at school; “Drivers’ Ed” is a core part of the school curriculum. You do not see cars with driving school names moving around the streets of US towns. I had noticed their absence until I saw one a few days ago and realized that it was the first I was aware of having seen since moving here in July last year.

In the UK driving schools tend to use Vauxhall Corsas and similar vehicles; some may go as large as a Ford Focus. The driving school car I saw was a Ford Mustang; a sports coupe. I can’t imagine any UK instructor selecting a car with a 4.0 litre engine producing over 200 horsepower as the ideal vehicle for someone learning to drive.

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