I had heard about Girl Scout Cookies (Girl Guide Biscuits in UK English) for some time. I had seen movies in which the selling of these cookies was an event and had seen groups of girls outside supermarkets selling their wares. However, I had not actually seen or eaten a Girl Scout cookie until this week.

I had naively assumed that these cookies were baked by the Girl Scouts themselves. This was an incorrect and in hindsight a foolish assumption. The cookies arrive in a box labeled as Girl Scout cookies with a photo of a carefully ethnically missed groups of girls looking upwards as the Stars and Stripes is raised. While not hand-made, they are certainly good cookies.

(This post written in San Francisco airport while waiting for a flight)

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  1. This post brings to mind one of my favorite scenes from a movie. It is not from a favorite movie,just a favorite scene. In The Addams Family, Wednesday Addams and her brother have put up a lemonade stand. The rich snooty girl scout comes by with her cookies, and asks if the lemonade is made with real lemons, because she would only buy some if it were fresh. She goes on to ask Wednesday if she would like to buy some of her girl scout cookies. To which Wednesday replies, utterly deadpan and with no inflection: “Are they made with real girl scouts?”

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