Small earthquake no drinks spilled

I experienced my first earthquake last night. I was at the computer and everything shook slightly, the desk and the screen moving more. I would love to make it sound dramatic, but the effect was so small it did not even pique my curiosity. It was only when my wife called out did you feel that earthquake that I realized what had happened.

It was a 4.2 quake with its epicenter about 35 miles South of our house.

Coverage, including the source of this blog entry’s title can be found at this link

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  1. My first earthquake felt like a sumo wrestler jumping off a stepladder. It was over in less than a second, I thought one of our cats had knocked over a small bookshelf or something, I think it was about a 4.3. Nowhere near as exciting as I thought they’d be.

  2. Agreed, that it lacked any feeling of excitement. However, I am happy for this particular aspect of life to stay dull. I don’t want to experience the sort of quake that wipes out half of the bay area.

  3. For more information on this topic I point you to the Bill Hicks album ‘Arizona Bay’.

  4. I certainly agree with that. Do you have an earthquake kit? We have all the components but still need to actually put it together. Just in case.

  5. So. i lived in Mountain View, CA in October of 1989. Which means, of course, that i lived there during the infamous Loma Prieta quake that collapsed the Nimitz freeway and preempted, live, the World Series. It is the entire reason i moved back to the east coast.

    It was the second scariest event of my life.


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