Football with an Oval Ball?

My sporting interest is focused on a spherical ball, but the most important news for those who belive that a ball can be an oval is that this weekend saw a record points total in a Calcutta Cup match. England beat Scotland, a return to form from the World Champions. In short, Johnny’s back.

Oh, you thought I was going to talk about another sporting fixture with an oval ball this weekend?

Well, I am half Welsh so the game that Ireland played this weekend I would rather forget.

I have a deep love for all things Italian, so it disappointed me to see their Rugby team thrased by the French.

You wanted me to write about another important oval ball match this weekemd?
There was also Southwold RFC v Cantbrgians RFC.

Oh, you expected me to blog about a game played in the US? |I think there may have been some sporting event here that was played over the weekend.
My assumption is based on the 50% plus of TV adverts in the last fortnight that made mention of a “Superbowl”. My favourite Superbowl advert was the one that made suggestions for a Superbowl party in which you used your kids’ paddling pool as an ice chest for the beer; oh how this country has moved on from the Volstead act.

Ok, the Colts beat the Bears and it was a good day to go shopping; for the stores were all but deserted.

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