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In the UK offices in which I have worked, a few people would have a picture of their family on their desk. Here in the US, nearly everyone seems to have dozens of pictures of their family and pets. In same cases it seems surprising that they have managed to find room for their PC; although this too is often used to display a wallpaper picture of family pictures.

Even more shocking is the very un-English habit of people asking me if I have children. It is difficult to imagine work colleagues asking such a question in the UK; I am not sure if this a case of English manners or fear of having to hear someone use the question as an opportunity to sing the praises of their offspring.

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  1. I was reading a book about English behaviors and how parents tend to play “one downmanship” with their kids in England. How they will quietly put their children down and will wave off any praise. It’s extremely confusing for foreigners, especially Americans who are used to playing one upmanship with pretty much everything. My friends *still* get confused with me saying things like “it’s quite good” when I mean it’s fantastic. I can’t seem to drop the English unenthusiasm for everything.

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